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Since its formation in 1981, Ultracomp has specialised in providing products and services solutions for the management and provision of IT services.

Ultracomp provides a complete range of solutions to assist IT management to meet the challenges of responding to their business and customers.

Ultracomp has an established track record with its customers of delivering cost-effective, quality solutions, enhancing their ability to manage and provide IT services.

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Ultracomp is the leading provider of Service Management products and services and also has been closely involved with the CCTA in development and support of its IT Infrastructure Library(ITIL) guidelines, now a de facto standard for the management and provision of IT Services.

Ultracomp's philosophy is to develop long term, close relationships with its customers, working in partnership with them to ensure that they obtain the maximum benefits from the products and services provided. That is to say:

"In Your Team, On Your Side"

working with You to make Your IT, More efficient, More Cost-effective, More Competitive

Ultracomp is a privately owned company, not aligned to any hardware supplier, and is therefore able to offer independent and unbiased advice and guidance. Ultracomp has 6 locations within the UK and offers its solutions on a UK-wide basis and through distributors in Europe, South Africa and Australasia. Ultracomp's customers are in all business areas, in the private and public sectors, from small organisations to the largest multi-nationals. All Ultracomp's customers are automatically members of the Ultracomp User Group, an active forum run by the customers themselves. Ultracomp works with its customers to design, build and implement product and service based solutions to support and deliver IT services to address the needs of business and its customers, from individual product implementations to complete systems integration projects. Ultracomp's solutions form a complete and integrated offering, but are summarised in the following six component parts:

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